KDK”Out of In”

Artproof had the pleasure of cooperating with KDK with the exhibition “Out of In” that is presented in Aando Fine Art Gallery in Berlin. The show is also a part of 7th European Month of Photography Berlin.
The exhibition is open 01.10-4.11.2016 in Aando Fine Art Gallery (Tucholskystrasse 35, D-10117 Berlin).

KDK is a master of auratic photography, rediscovering concrete architectonic spaces in completely new ways. Out of In presents newst works from his series w. and lu.

(wall, winkel/angle, white) demonstrates the space-time relationship as KDK sees it. In the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the camera openly focuses on its subjects with special attention paid to details. The minimalist images come from the person’s interior and resist any inference as to their origins. KDK captures points of contact between lines and surfaces in an original way that plays with shadows, transgressing the boundaries of reality and generating illusionary spaces. The museum-like atmospheres he creates ultimately reveal their relationship to art and exposes a new aspect of his well-known w. series. 

The works of the series lu. (line-up) are threedimensional compositions of cargo containers. Although KDK ignores the structural properties of the original situation of an industrial harbor, he utilizes its natural dynamics. This active reconstruction of the space, brought about through a new combination of individual elements, recalls the geometry of a tetromino. As an installation in a white cube, they form a kaleidoscopic landscape and an inspiring contrast to the w. series.

KDK (*1973 Gwangju, KR) studied in the class of Thomas Ruff and Christopher Williams at Kunstakademie Duesseldorf in Germany, where he graduated as a Meisterschüler (master student) of Ruff. He has atrracted a lot of attention exhibiting in Germany, China and Korea. KDK’s work is part of numerous considerable collections such as the UBS Art Collection, Switzerland, Mario Botta Collection, France, Samsung Leeum Museum, Korea and national Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea among others.


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