Artproof Delivery Pricing in EU


The shipment of single physical works will have an updated pricing model. To destinations in the EU, the cost of delivery is 110EUR*m2 of the work. This includes the necessary packing solution, Artproof insurance* and delivery.

A work with outer size up to 3m2 and longer edge up to 2.5m will be calculated with (m2 of the work) x 110EUR*

Some samples delivery costs in the EU:

Work 60x90cm. Delivery costs 110EUR
Work 110x130cm. Delivery costs 158EUR
Work 150x200cm. Delivery costs 330EUR


Pick up service

Pick up service for works that will be framed in Artproof from your gallery are (in most cases) complimentary. Exceptions could arise if the size is very big or the nature of the original requires special transportation.

For more info please contact Mr. Robert Palm ( +372 56 84 7665) or your contact person at Artproof.

Extra Details

  • *Minimum cost for delivery is 110€. Images with outer size bigger than 3m2 or with a longer edge more than 2.5m need a case by case pricing as the size exceeds the standard pricing system of couriers.
  • *VAT is not included
  • *NB! Artproof insurance is valid for new works shipped out from Artproof labs and is valid only for the work done in Artproof. In case the print is made somewhere else it needs to be insured by the party who is ordering the transport service.
  • Images with destinations outside of the European Union need a case by case pricing.