DIASEC® with TruLife Museum Acrylic®

This revolutionary single-sided, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant acrylic, developed specifically for DIASEC® mounting, delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience possible to truly reflect an artist’s vision, and nothing else. It captures the details with lifelike colors, incredible depth, and clarity to show photography and fine art as it was meant to be viewed.



– Museum grade acrylic for DIASEC® process

– Anti-reflective. Virtually eliminates reflections

– 99% UV protection

– Anti-static properties minimizes dust on viewing side

– Abrasion resistance thanks to durable hard coat

– Shatter resistance

– Cleans like glass


TruLife Museum Acrylic® comes in 3.0mm thickness

The maximum size of DIASEC® with 3mm TruLife acrylic is 3040x1515mm

Technical datasheet for TruLife acrylic can be found here: TruLife Fact Sheet