All our products are packaged for transport.

Standard package, for local delivery – the picture is covered in a soft inner layer and outer bubble wrap. The corners are protected and, if necessary, the sides as well. All pictures are packaged separately and marked according to the content so they are easily identified without unwrapping.

Please note that pictures in standard packages are never sent by courier because the danger of damage is too great. We suggest that you pick them up at our gallery or you organize the courier service, which does a direct door-to-door delivery.

We recommend to use a special custom-made 6mm plywood crate for international deliveries of your artwork. The crate is large and roomy enough to safely fit multiple artworks at a time, making it a handy option for transporting an exhibition from location to location. The inner sides are upholstered with 20mm soft layer, protecting the artwork against shock and pressure. The inner upholstery can be increased up to 50mm.

The plywood casing has strengthened corners and handles on the sides for better grip, a forklift base can be added for extra large and heavy shipments (over 150 kg). Our crates also have the dead wood marking which is required for all wooden overseas shipments.