Artproof Grant Estonia

Artproof Grant Estonia 2019

At Foto Tallinn 2019 fair we announced Artproof Grant Estonia 2019 winner Kristina Õllek, who introduced her project Filter feeders, double binds and other silicones (2019) at Foto Tallinn. Project was organised with generous in-kind support of TruLife Acrylic by Tru Vue, Inc.”


Photos from the first part of the Grant exhibition

Photos from the second part of the Grant exhibition




Artproof Grant at Foto Tallinn 2019 

We are glad to announce a partnership with Foto Tallinn, where we will put up a 5,000-euro production grant for one applying and participating artist at Foto Tallinn fair.
All artists can apply for the grant and it is meant for the production of a new series to be presented at the fair. The funds may be used for printing, framing, and if necessary scanning of works, and similar expenditures, including custom solutions. The recipient of the Artproof Production Grant will also receive free participation as an exhibitor at the next fair.

The presentation of the series and the public announcement of the grant recipient will take place at the opening event on 26 September 2019. Applications for the grant will be accepted in conjunction with applications for participation, and the relevant information should be specified on the application form.

The deadline for submission of applications is 3. June 2019.
Find more info and apply at




Winners of Artproof Grant Estonia 2016 are Sigrid Viir and Jimmy Limit




In 2016 Artproof improved their grant format and offered Temnikova & Kasela gallery an opportunity to select a project that will be supported and carried out as part of ”Artproof Grant Estonia 2016″. 

The scholarship is worth 5,000 euros and the funds cover the production of Sigrid Viir’s and Jimmy Limit’s new works for the exhibition “Import Export” at Temnikova & Kasela gallery. Artproof Estonian scholarship is organised in collaboration with Hahnemühle.

“Import Export” 11.03–30.04.2016, in Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Tallinn.



“Sigrid Viir ‘Hans55’ detail of photo installation”