Artproof Grant Finland

Artproof Grant Finland 2022

MoA in Photography 2022

As part of Artproof Grant Finland 2022, Aalto graduation show production was sponsored by us with the support of Hahnemühle
Masters of Art in Photography 2022 exhibition by photography Master’s students of Aalto University. The exhibition consists of photographs, videos and installations.



Artproof Grant Finland 2021

Artproof Grant Finland 2021 has been awarded to Karl Henrik Edlund. As a part of the award, he gets an opportunity to show his work at Hippolyte Korjaamo in a solo exhibition.

The exhibition Eden is named after Edlund’s grandfather’s garden island in the Archipelago Sea, in Åland Islands, Finland. In the series, consisting of photographs taken over a course of sixteen years (2004-2019), Edlund approaches the question of how ambiguity relates to the notions of place.

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This year the grant is supported by Hahnemühle.

Terms and Conditions can be found here


Grant winners exhibition was opened as part of Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries 2021 event, in Hippolyte Korjaamo gallery, June 2021.

The competition is organized in co-operation with Photographic Artists’ Association.

Terms and conditions and additional information can be found from Artproof’s website:

The applicant’s project and additional materials must be submitted to by Tuesday 8th of March 2021.


Artproof Grant Finland 2020

In the start of 2020 Artproof , together with Hahnemühle, sponsored  for Aalto University students exhibition “Unfold” of their theses projects.

Exhibition was open in Finnish Photography Museum from 17.1.–22.3.2020.
Artproof and the Aalto University students thank Hahnemühle.

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Artproof Grant Finland 2019

Artproof is glad to announce that the 2019 winner of Artproof Grant Finland is Aapo Huhta with his project OMATANDANGOLE.

The exhibition was shown at Art Fair Suomi 2019.



After achieving a second place at Artproof Grant 2015, the jury was excited to award Aapo with this year’s Grant.

The jury, consisting of Mikko Haiko (winner of 2017 grant), Minna Maria Kurjenluoma and Taavi Rekkaro wrote about the series. “Aapo Huhta´s Omatandangole is a series of fragmentary flashes of the Namibian desert, mirages, people, fauna, and flora. Images build a feverish and illusory narrative. The gaze that observes the desert is pointed simultaneously inside. Huhta´s mirage is enchantingly bizarre and disturbing yet playful.”

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Deadline for Artproof Grant Finland 2019

Deadline for Artproof Grant is 6th March 2019.

Please send your projects to


Competition For Young Artists 


Artproof hereby announces the young artist competition Artproof Grant Finland 2019, which is being awarded for the third time in Finland. The winner of the competition will receive a grant valued at €5000 for the production of works in Artproof.

Artproof grant competition is open for young artists from all different fields. This means that printmakers, painters, photographers and new-media artists are welcome to send their project.

The grant includes the compilation of works for exhibition with professional printing services and, set-up and transport services for the exhibition itself.

A public exhibition with the winner’s works will take place in Art Fair Suomi event in May 2019, in Cable Factory, Helsinki.  The aim of the exhibition is to showcase and promote the work of the young artist, the winner of Artproof Grant Finland 2019.

The competition is organised in co-operation with Association of Photographic Artists and Muu Artist Association. 

Terms and conditions

The applicant’s project and additional materials must be submitted to by Wednesday 6th March 2019.

Applicants must submit the following:

  • Project description (in English, outlining the idea behind the exhibition)
  • Sample photos, sketches and/or plans connected to the exhibition, combined into a pdf (maximum size 50mb) (Project doesn’t have to be finished)
  • CV (in English)
  • Portfolio

Applicants can be up to 35 years of age inclusive on date of submitting the project.

Applicants must be young artists based in Finland or Finnish by nationality. 

The works submitted for the exhibition must not have been shown as part of a solo exhibition.

Artworks can only be submitted by the artist who produced them. The applicant must confirm that the rights to the works are held by them and is fully responsible for any claims made by third parties.

The grant cannot be redeemed in cash.

After the exhibition the produced art works will be given to the artist.

Artproof reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the competition during the competition period.

Additional information

In order to select the appropriate formatting/framing, artists are invited for a consultation by e-mailing or visiting Artproof. 

In terms of how the pieces are presented, the winner can choose from Artproof services, such as Diasec and museum quality frames. Special solutions can also be devised in cooperation with the photographer.

In addition to photographs or framed works, the winner may include works taken using other techniques as part of their project. The preparation and presentation of such pieces is the responsibility of the winner.

The members of the jury to select the winner of the Artproof Grant Finland consist of members from the Photographic Artists’ Association, Muu Association and a representative from Artproof.


In entering the competition applicants give Artproof the right to use exhibition photographs in marketing materials for Artproof and the competition. The works and projects of non-winning artists will not be made public to third parties.

Artproof is organizing the grant competition in co-operation with Photographic Artists’ Association and Muu Artist Association.


The winner of the Artproof Grant Finland 2017 Mikko Haiko deals with error and gives away the control


mikko_haiko_norja 010

The winner of the Artproof Grant Finland 2017 is a Helsinki-based artist Mikko Haiko (b.1984, Lemi). The exhibition will be opened on the Wednesday May 23rd at the Art Fair Finland in Cable Factory, Helsinki. His works are on display during the event May 24 – 28 at Merikaapelihalli.

Mikko Haiko´s series Solar explores the relationship between man and environment and incompleteness. ”Feels like sometimes I loose the connection with the environment, I get stuck in my mind and I fear mistakes. As a counterword to the these symptoms I make trips to periferic regions to quiet down and to be connected with the landscape.” In his works Haiko shows the error. He exposes his negatives to bright sunlight. ”Taking photographs becomes a mental exercise. I drop control and call for chance to co-operate with me. Incompleteness and accepting mistakes become an essential part of the work, Haiko describes. 

Currently Haiko is finishing his Master of Arts degree in Aalto University. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows both in Finland and abroad. In 2014 he was one of the Fotofinlandia -finalists. In summer 2017 Haiko´s works can be seen in ”Faces of Carelia” – group show in Lappeenranta Art Museum.

Artproof is a service oriented fine art laboratory in Tallinn that works with artists to print their vision, as envisioned, and deliver it framed for private or public exhibition. 

Artproof Grant Finland is given out for the second time and the grant is 5000€ for the production of art works. The jury consisted of the Member of Photographic Artists’ Association Viivi Nieminen, the previous winner of Artproof Grant Hanna Rast, Varpu Lukka of the Artist Association MUU and Taavi Rekkaro from Artproof. 

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